Getting Closer…

Wow, the season is just around the corner. At the beginning of January we will once again have our ears filled with the beautiful sounds of dirtbikes. The season begins as usual in Anaheim. However, there will be some names that have become a staple of professional racing that will be absent.

Will Hahn- After a career that has plagued him with both success and injury. Once 250 east coast champion Will Hahn has decided to hang up his boots and walk away from racing. Don’t worry, Will has taken a position as an amature support coordinator within the team and will still frequent races.

Andrew Short- This one doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The former BTO sports Ktm rider decided that the end of last years nationals would be his last endeavor into the racing world. Now that we are a few months removed from Short’s retirement we have learned that he is now KTM’s brand ambassador.

Amongst the two riders that are listed above there are several riders left without rides as of now.

James Stewart- James has been almost non-existent during this off-season. Surrounded by secrecy, we still have no idea what James or his brother are planning on doing in the 2017 Supercross season.

Dean Wilson- As the season draws near, Dean Wilson is finding himself without a ride. He has been spotted in the offseason riding several different makes of bikes. He has been quoted as saying that he is open to a fill in spot with a team during the season.

There are many more riders that are still wondering what next season will have in store for them. unfortunately there is just not enough spots for all of the talent that is looking for rides. This has become a product of the times in our sport. Is it fair? No. It’s just business.


A New Direction…Maybe?


The championship points format has been the same for Monster Energy Supercross has been the same since the sports conception in the mid 1970’s. 25 points for a win, 22 for second, 21 third, and so on. While the action on the track has always been exciting (for the most part), the season ending points battles are often times leaving us fans snoozing. Last year Ryan Dungey had the championship wrapped up two full races before the end of the season. Something needs to change. We have seen the introduction of a Chase format in other forms of racing. Most notably being NASCAR, who has moved to a Chase format for all three of their major racing series.

What is a Chase format?  Well in NASCAR the chase is the Playoffs. When the series gets to the last ten races, the top 16 racers are moved into the chase for the championship. Meaning there points are reset with ten races to go. They are tied. The goal is to prevent a driver from running away with a championship and also prevent them from wrapping up a championship with multiple races left on the Schedule. Under the current system the NASCAR Championship is settled at the last race.

Supercross has had the same points structure for more years than I have been alive. There is no doubt that the chase format brings more excitement for the fans. That is why we have seen the top racing series in the U.S move to it. In my opinion Supercross needs to make the move as well. Supercross often times sees only three or four winners throughout the entire season. In a sport where there is so much domination, I believe that a reset like the Chase would benefit both fans, sponsors, and the riders.